Idemudia Guobadia, Author and General Overseer of The Overcomers in Christ Group of Churches.
From the time, Deanna Gibbons worked on converting my print book to an e-book in 2013, I just knew I would use her professional services again, and again. Since then, Deanna has created outstanding work with three other books I wrote. I have come to realize that as important as your writing is, the presentation is even perhaps, more important. This is where Deanna has made a significant difference with my products. She has converted them into e-book format and presented them in such an appealing manner that makes marketing less intimidating. In my interactions with Deanna Gibbons, I have found her to be straightforward, courteous, and easy to work with. Deanna painstakingly ensured that my e-books got access into broader markets by showing me a plethora of possibilities. Simply put, Deanna Gibbons is the person you need to help get your work into the places that count.
Hugh Whitmore, Author of “The Christian Leadership Experience” and founder of Significant Faith Ministries.
Sincere. Hard working. Responsive. Creative. Multi-talented. I would go on but I’m running out of adjectives to describe Deanna Gibbons. In the time I have worked with Deanna she has built a beautiful web site, created a shopping cart system, designed a CD cover, formatted a book file for Kindle and Nook, assisted in the design of a book jacket, started a social media program to promote my business, and read and reviewed my book! Deanna is certainly professional and competent, but she is also a fountain of creativity and can help further your business success in a multitude of ways.
Robert J. Burgess, Author of Silver Bullets: A Soldier's Story of How Coors Bombed in the Beer Wars
“Deanna is one of the best technology and social marketing minds I’ve run across in 30 years in business. She is fearless and curious, a dynamic combination for keeping abreast of the ever-changing world of technology. Deanna also invests time and effort in keeping her skills up-to-date, proving that learning is an ongoing process. On a personal level, Deanna is engaging and always willing to help someone in need – a delight to be around. On both personal and professional levels, I highly recommend Deanna Gibbons.”

Valerie Knight, Macaroni Kid Washington County RI
Deanna did a WONDERFUL Job putting together a Facebook welcome page. It has everything I wanted and could need and I’m super excited that she was able to help me guide new fans to all the important aspects of my page.