Hello and welcome to my online portfolio, i’m a digital and print graphic designer based in Denver. I design in both print and digital work. I have worked on a range of different projects from logos, book covers and social media design to more recently print layouts. I have done both freelance and in-house design in the last 8 years.

Deanna is one of the best technology and social marketing minds I’ve run across in 30 years in business. She is fearless and curious, a dynamic combination for keeping abreast of the ever-changing world of technology. Deanna also invests time and effort in keeping her skills up-to-date, proving that learning is an ongoing process. On a personal level, Deanna is engaging and always willing to help someone in need – a delight to be around. On both personal and professional levels, I highly recommend Deanna Gibbons. – Robert Burgess, Burgess Insurance



Things I Like


I love books. Mostly I stick with non-fiction but when I do choose fiction, it is usually YA books.


My office is full of them. I find them to be such gentle creatures and having them nearby keeps me grounded.


I lived most of my life in Michigan. We came out to Denver early in our marriage for a family visit and I fell in love. I vowed to live there someday. With 10 years, we were settled into south Denver. I miss people back home, but I’ll never go back for anything other than a visit.


There is something about creating something with your own hands that is fulfilling. I’m always working on some craft or another.


I am a very active volunteer in Scouting. I’ve been a Girl Scout leader for 15 years and a Unit Manager for a couple. I have recently discovered that Boy Scouts is just as amazing and have become a den leader to 18 boys. I love seeing the potential in kids!